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Cool NEW SERVER MuOnline EverWinterMu

Dear MU Online Players,

We would like to introduce a new server unique settings and many features that are available only on EverWinter MU. We hope that EverWinter will be a good place to stay for a long time because it is uncommon and every aspect was carefully thought-through.

Why do we think our server is unique?

Custom Zen Drop - the amount of Zen that drops does not depend on the difference between the level of your character and the level of the mob you kill. The Zen drop is adjusted to the difficulty of the map you are on. For example, in Lorencia the amount of Zen you find will not be higher than 4,500 and it won't be lower than 4,000. In Devias it is 4,500 and 5,000, Tarkan between 6,000 and 7,000. The high level maps will give you between 9,000 and 10,000 Zen per mob.

Zen Hunt - you will be able to choose whether to focus on getting more experience and higher levels or fight for more Zen. For this we created a new map called ZenFarm on which new, unique mobs spawn every 60 minutes. Each one of these will give you between 25,000 and 30,000 Zen. They are not that difficult to kill because you should be able to handle them even on level 33 (their strength is comparable to the Giant in Lorencia). Their health level is increased but you can try taking them down at level 50 (level 33 for MG and DL).

Zen As The Actual Currency - we are aware that you have probably seen that before on some other servers and it didn't work like you though it would. After resetting your character you used to go back to the spot with a low level but the drop of Zen was significantly higher than before the reset. It is not something that you will see at EverWinter. The drop is static which guarantees that the disproportion of drop rates between characters before the reset and after is not an issue. Thanks to our ideas on how to spend your money, you will not say that you have too much Zen. You can invest your money in jewels that can be obtained from a shot or boxes that can give you something really nice if you are lucky (see more here:

Playing On The Active Server Pays Off - we have carefully configured the MuHelper. On the Active sub-server (PVP), the cost of the MuHelper is higher than the income you can gather manually during the time it is active. You will not gain anything with the MuHelper if you use it on the Active server. For players who like AFK we have created a separate sub-server - Passive (Non-PVP). There MuHelper is free on that one but the drop of zen on every map is equal to 1. It means that active player will not have to fight for good spots with AFK players. If you want to AFK, log in to the Passive sub-server and everyone's happy.

Doing Events Pays Off As Well - Every one hour at lease one event starts. We have increased the drop of Zen on BC, DS, IT and Kalima. On the majority of them the difference between the amount of Zen you get is up to 30% higher. By doing events you also gain more experience because mostly the exp. rate is increased by 10%. If you don't have an invitation and don't want to use your Chaos to get one, you can simply buy the Box of Tickets and find an invitation if you are lucky.

Chaos, The King - do you remember other servers where that magnificent jewel was worthless? Well it is not the case of EverWinter. You won't be able to find it in a shop and its drop rate is lowered. It is going to be valuable so do not waste it if you find one.

Every Item You Find Counts - you will not find better items in shops than the Leather set (and equivalents) or the Hand Axe. You won't find +9 items (not even +5) from the Heart of Love or the other boxes. All items are valuable. Every complete set +luck is precious. A high jewel drop rate and the fact that you can buy jewels in a shop results in items being as valuable as jewels. It is up to you whether to create the Leather set +luck as a sure thing by using your Blesses and Souls or save them to use them on the Bone +luck. Where the Sphinx set +luck with the +1 option is a good set? At EverWinter.

Improved Mining System - you will not buy the Pandora Pick from some NPC for 100,000 Zen. Having it will give you the opportunity to make a lot of money from the Mining System. The Pandora Pick can be found by dropping the Box of Pandora which is available in a shop for 20,000,000 Zen. The drop rate from it is 40% - will you be the lucky guy to get it? Unique Ranking System - it is not only based on the level, amount of resets or grand resets. We at EverWinter think that the best way to evaluate players is by summing up everything they do. Our unique ranking system available on our website will evaluate the amount of time spent online, statistics from various events, the amount of Zen and many more. If you are really the best player, you'll be in top 1. More variations of our ranking are coming.

Spots - do you remember the times when you had to gather mobs to build a spot? It will be back at EverWinter (but improved). There are no static spots where you will find many mobs in one place. Instead of that you get a double amount of mobs on all maps that you can find. Every mob respawns 12 distance units from the place it died. On average the distance a player sees is 10 or 11 units. It means that every mob you kill will respawn outside the area you see on your screen. It also means it is good to keep moving to get them.

What About The Zen Drop Benefit From Excellent Items - we though that through as well. The drop rate of such an item has been decreased by 10 times but that's not all. The Increased Zen option has been changed to +10% which means even if you have the entire set, you will get +50% (instead of +150%).

PK - no one likes unbalanced skirmishes. Gathering the PK count on low level maps is not nice for low level players. If you want to clear your PK level, you have to pay. However, we fully understand that it is also an important element of the game so we decided that there are no consequences of PK on the ZenFarm map. If you die, you'll respawn in the same place so gather your friends and try your skills in duels there.

To sum up, we have considered many more elements of the game but if you want to know more, feel free to contact us on our message board (

So we have the configuration above but what else makes EverWinter special?

One word - professional. Specifics below:
- Bugless IGCN Premium PLUS licensed server files
- Custom made web site
- Dedicated server with a powerful processor, lots of physical memory and the 1 Gbps connection
- DDoS protected
- Administrators are experienced people who have been doing this for many years

What else do you need?

Server starts: 12.03.2016 19:00 GMT+1
Server Name: EverWinterMu
Version: S9Ep2
Server Files: Premium Plus IGCN
Max online: 1500
Message board -

Exp: *Dynamic, basic 27x
*Every reset lowers the exp. rate by 1%*If you have more than 25 resets, the exp. rate lowers by 2%
MasterExp: 13x
Drop: 31%
*Required level 400
*Paid 70.000.000
*Statistics are reset.
You get 300 points per reset
*Inventory stays
*Master Level and the Master Skill tree are reset
*Up to 50 resets Grand Reset.

Grand Reset:
*Required level 400 and 50 resets
*Paid 100kk
* Statistics are reset. You get 1000 points.
**You get 10.000 goblin points.
*Up to 2 GRs
** Goblin Points can be exchanged for items that do not drop (i.e. AA Sword non-excellent +13+28+L+S that is SoulBound and you cannot sell it. or the Hell Night Armor +13+28+L+S). What's the advantage of being able to do only 2 grand resets? You cannot get a complete set just for doing GRs. You can get 2 but the rest will need to be found in the game.

Monday: 19:00 - 21:00 increased ItemDropRate by 10%
Tuesday: 18:00 - 19:00 increased exp. rate by 20%
Wednesday: 15:00 - 17:00 increased drop of excellent items from mobs by 5 to 10000
Thursday: 20:00 - 21:00 increased exp. rate by 20%
Friday: 17:00 - 19:00 increased ItemDropRate by 10%
Sunday: 13:00 - 15:00 increased exp. rate by 20%
Guild: 250lv
MG: 220lv
DL: 250lv
RF: 250lv
Sum: 1lv
No Ancient Items + Excellent
No Socket Items + Excellent

SoliderElf - 30lv

- Healing Potion, Mana potion 3/10/30
- Leather Set +1+4+L and equivalents
- Hand Axe +1+4+L+S
- Town Teleport
- Basic scrolls and orbs for EE (meteorite and equivalents)
- Box of Tickets (50% drop of invitations) 5.000.00
- Win or Die (luck) 20.000.00
- Pandora Box (40% drop of Pandora Pick) All other drop rates are described on our message board.

+10 - 60%
+11 - 55%
+12 - 50%
+13 - 45%
+14 - 40%
+15 - 35%
luck adds + 25%
Soul: 55%
with luck: 80%
Harmony - 60%
Life: 75%

Respawn - regular Amount of mobs
- doubled Gold and Boss mobs
- non-standard settings. Higher level bosses can be killed only in party


Summon lvl 1 drop in Icarus and higher:
50% - 100.000 zen
20% - Jewel of Bless
20% - Jewel of Soul
5% - Jewel of Life
5% - - Ancient Stick, Crystal Morning Star, Crystal Sword, Sword of Destruction, BlueWing Crossbow, Saint Crossbow, Staff of Resurrection, Staff of Destruction, Lord Scepter +1/3 + Option + Luck

Summon lvl 2 drop on all maps:
20% - 100.000 Zen
30% - Jewel of Bless
30% Jewel of Soul
10% Jewel of Life
10% - Ancient Stick, Crystal Morning Star, Crystal Sword, Sword of Destruction, BlueWing Crossbow, Saint Crossbow, Staff of Resurrection, Staff of Destruction, Lord Scepter +1/3 + Option + Luck

Summon lvl 3 drop on all maps:
40% - Jewel of Life
40% - Jewel of Chaos
20% - Apple

Purple Box drop Lorencia and higher (max Devias)
90% - Bone, Scale, Wind, Violent Wind items +1/3 +Option + Luck
5% - Jewel of Soul
5% - Jewel of Bless

Green Box drop higer than Devias (max LostTower 3)
90% - Plate, Sphinix, Spirit, Violent Wind +1/3 + Option + Luck
5% -Jewel of Soul
5% - Jewel of Bless

Red Box drop LostTower 5 and higher (max Tarkan)
89% - Legendary, Dragon, Guardian, Light Plate, Red Wing +1/3+Opton + Luck
5% - Jewel of Bless
5% - Jewel of Soul
1% - Jewel of Life

Bulges Season 9 Ep 2 server files give you the opportunity to take part in various events:
Arca Battle: Sunday: 22:00 Wednesday: 22:00 Friday: 22:00
Tormented Square: every 3 hours
ChaosCastle Survival: every day 15:00, 19:00, 23:00
Ilusion Temple Renewal: every 4 hours
Blood Castle: every 2 hours
Devil Square: every 2 hours
Chaos Castle: every 4 hours
DoppelGanger: YES
Imperial Guardian: YES
NightMare Event: YES
LaCleon Event: YES
Acheron Guardian: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 21:00
Muun - YES
CastleSiege: Saturday at 20:00
CryWolf: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday at 20:00
Golden Invasion: every 6 hours
LastMan Standing: every day at: 8:00, 14:00, 20:00, 23:30
LorenDeep: every day at: 21:00 i 9:00
WhiteWizard: every 3 hours
SANTA CLAUS EVENT: 1:20, 7:20, 13:20, 19:20

Seal of Wealth - Exp +20%*
Seal of Ascension - Exp +10%*
Seal of Divinity - Item Drop Rate +10%
Seal of Mobility - Free M Warping
Muun Pet
Rings of Zen - Increase Zen 10%
Seals that increase the exp. rate do not stack. The exp. rate increased up to 20%.

*Wedding system
*Auto party and guild search
*GensSystem (Duprian 3/10000 for an excellent item in Aida, Vanert - increased itemDropRate in Atlans by +2%)
*command /reset *command /ware (od 1 do 19)
*Cancel Item Sell
*Mining System
*The exp. rate in party is increased

Pablo114 - Head Admin
Maniek6 - Head Admin
Cerses - GM

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spora aktualizacja i sporo informacji.

Po Waszych namowach zmieniliśmy lekko ustawienia zenów i muhelpera. Mianowicie: Drop zen na Active - 100%, Passive - 60%. Cena MuHelpera na Active - ok. 60% tego co się zbiera (pozostaje 40%), na Passive - Helper darmowy.

Podsumowując: Active z helperem : 40%, Passive z helperem: 60%, Active bez helpera - 100%, Passive bez helpera - 60%

Co to powoduje? Granie Active się opłaca, a granie na MuBocie też pozwala zbierać ZEN. Pamiętajcie, że oprócz zen lecą też inne wartościowe przedmioty i jawele .

W dniu dzisiejszym otworzyliśmy testy, jeśli masz ochotę w nich uczestniczyć - zapraszamy na nasze forum na zapisy.

Od dnia dzisiejszego można rejestrować swoje konta.. Będą one działać w dniu startu i po nim -

Dostępny jest już client. Na stronie i na forum, zapraszamy do pobierania. Client nie wymaga dodatkowego patcha. Jeśli posiadacie już clienta IGCN S9Ep2 wystarczy pobrać naszego patcha, nie musicie pobierać całego clienta.
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Domyślny wielkie otwarcie serwera!

Drodzy gracze,

JUTRO wielkie otwarcie serwera! 12.03.2016 start godzina 19:00 GMT+1!

Pamiętajcie /offtrade działa tylko na subie Active na mapie devias. Działa z zenami, a nie z wcoinami.
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Strzałka New

Pozostały jeszcze tylko 2h!!!

Dodaliśmy formy płatności: Paypal i Webmony.
Zakup Wcoinów jest już dostępny na naszej stronie. Pamiętajcie proszę, że maksymalnie seal może dać +20% expa. Poza tym w CashShopie występują Muun Pety oraz ringi +Zen
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Domyślny news

Drodzy gracze, zmieniliśmy minimalnie ustawienia aby jeszcze lepiej spełnić Wasze oczekiwania: - Exp w party został zwiększony - Reset kosztuje teraz 30kk nie 70kk. - HP snake'ów został zmniejszony - Zmieniono ceny sprzedazy jaweli - Naprawiono niewielkie błędy w języku i reconnect system. Zapraszamy serdecznie, jeszcze nikt nawet nie ma 380lv a gdzie do resa . Jesteście w stanie dogonić każdego! Zapraszamy
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Domyślny bitwa o zamek

Drodzy gracze,
w dniu jutrzejszym odbędzie się bitwa o zamek (Castle Siege).
Dołączcie do nas!
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